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Zachary I

Racing, running, the feeling of four paws hitting the ground and launching me ahead, utter freedom.  Faster, faster, faster!  I thought, longing to go faster than sound, than light.  Running for the sake of running. Then, the sky darkened.  The feeling of freedom was replaced by one of fear.  Now, I was running away.  As the scene became more sinister, I too changed, into my human form.  My hands felt clammy, and I looked down to see blood staining my sleeves.  I stopped running and looked back up from the bloody mess.  I was trapped, four walls creating a dark room.  Ghostly figures faded in, and so did their voices.  A silver-eyed woman was softly crying.  A green haired man was struggling against chains that bound him to one of the walls, and crying out.
“KUROYUKI! Don’t do it!” Kuroyuki… the name of my master, my friend. “You’ll regret it!”  He turned to me, his fiery orange eyes dimmed with tears.  “Zachary, do something!”  Zachary, that’s right, that’s me… I looked back to the pretty silver eyed woman, and Kuroyuki was kneeling down next to her.  He placed his hand on her head and she whimpered.  Then, there was a sudden, sharp pain in my stomach, and I woke up.
“Dammit Kuroyuki!  The hell did you kick me in the friggin stomach for!?! Seriously, what the HELL!?!”
“You were having a nightmare, I had to wake you up somehow.” He scoffed.  I sighed.  There was no point in arguing with him. “Kanashimi was in here earlier to get me up, so I still let you sleep in.  I’ve got school today, so we have to look our best.”  He was enrolled here, though we, his faithful friends (servants) and “pack members” were not.  We were a ragtag group of misfits, orphans, all raised by our eldest member, Kanashimi.  We were a random collection of vampires, werewolves (hehe, that’s me!), demons, fallen and normal angels, and a dragon.  Oh, and there were the two humans, but they kept to themselves for the most part.  Kanashimi initially brought us together when she took us in, but it was Kuroyuki who kept us together, and that’s why he was our leader.  He just had something, charisma, humor, whatever you want to call it, and it drew people to him.
“No uniform I suppose?”
“Not a chance in hell.  The day I wear my school uniform is the day Kanashimi dyes her hair pink.”  I imagined the fallen angel with pink hair and chuckled.   Yeah, really, like that would ever happen.
“Well with that are we ready to head out?” I asked, somewhat eager to see (and scare the bejeesus out of) the new students.
“As soon as you are, my friend.” I nodded, and painlessly made the change.  Hands and feet became paws, and I sprouted a luxurious pelt of gray fur. O how I loved werewolfdom!
Kuroyuki opened the door and we went through.  I was ecstatic, so many new people, new smells, new everything over here on the O.W. side!  Kanashimi and Kuroyuki were probably arguing and making snide comments to each other, but I didn’t pay attention.  The first few days of school were always exciting, even if I wasn’t the one being a student!  I heard Kuroyuki walking away towards the cafeteria for breakfast and trotted off beside him, at his heel.
The meal was very noisy, but uneventful.
Ah yes, Kairii’s class, will all the unsuspecting newbies… I had morphed back into human form for the day.  Just ‘cause.  Kairii herself was a complete nut.  A perpetually either drunk or hungover elf, and she wonders why they turned her down for school nurse!
Today she was hungover, and miserable beyond belief.  I thought she deserved every second of it.  A quick sniff surveyed the room, recognized the regulars, picked out those who were missing, and memorized the scents of the newbies.  What I found odd, however, was the presence of new humans.  Why would Ketsu do that after the incident a few years ago?  Was he really that thoughtless?  I spotted/smelled the first human under a heavy mist of magick.  She was blonde but I could assume from the sharp stench of chlorine that she bleached it.  From what I could tell (based on various things) she was a devil-may-care type of person, a wild and dangerous human.  There was no reason for me to assume that she was weak, though her body appeared somewhat frail.  Th fact that an unpredictable person had survived at this school, even on the human side, on the fringes of O.W. life was a feat of great strength in and of itself.  It was a few seconds after I was done surveying the first human that I discovered the second.  When she turned her face to see others in the class I nearly fell out of my chair in shock.  She had the same hair and face as the silver-eyed woman in my dream!  She had the same exact gentle slope of chin, delicate mouth, and dainty nose, as well as that little piece of dark hair that refused to comply with the rest of her bangs and stuck out anyway.  Everything was the same… except for her eyes.  Whereas the dream woman’s eyes were a liquid and bright silver, her eyes were deep and dark, pitch black even.  Kind of like the girl who died a few years back… now that I thought of it she did look a lot like that girl too.  I couldn’t recall her name at that moment.  Kuroyuki had evidently taken notice of my surprise, and was giving me a look.  I shrugged.  I scanned the room further.  There was Drifter, Riyal, Chiruho, Morosaki, and the stupid vampire, Pasht.  All well-known, familiar faces to me.  Mazu and Zen were having a staring contest, Kit (a new student last year) was dreamily looking out the window.  The old comforting faces, mixed with new.  I myself followed Kit’s lead and gazed out the window.  Outside it was beautiful!  I might as well skip one of the classes, no big deal.  Like I said, it wasn’t like I was a student anyway.  The rest of class was relatively quiet, surprising for some of the people who were sitting near each other.
As we left I spotted yet another familiar face.  I suppose his presence was such a routine thing that I didn’t notice him before.  Nakotsu Ryota, one of my master’s very good friends.  He was a werewolf (at least partway- that much I could tell) and Kuroyuki respected him very much.  To tell the truth, many members of our group liked him.  Kanashimi, for instance, saw him as a good influence on Kuroyuki-sama (not that he was).  Yokubo found him attractive (I told her I didn’t need to know that), Zugaikotsu appreciated his attitude and sense of style, Soyokaze said he was okay (for her that was more than most), and Tengoku… well I really can’t list him because he liked everybody. Anyhow, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him before we got into Telescopium’s class, history.
Telescopium was an okay guy, but longwinded as hell.  After about fifteen minutes in his class you got pissed off enough to leave. And that’s exactly what I did.  I did mention that I wanted to go outside didn’t I?
It was beautiful! Birds sang, and the breeze carried on it the sweet scents of a dying summer.  The sun was nice and warm, and not too high in the sky, it being morning yet.  This kind of morning was the type to make you drowsy. Slowly, slowly, slowly, I drifted off into a dreamless trance.
Later, about noontime my stomach woke me up, but not because anyone was kicking it this time.  I was hungry, and ask anyone who knows me, if all else fails, my stomach clock is known to be eerily accurate.  Hands in pockets, (kind of, my sleeves were kind of in the way) and squinting, I made my way across the campus to the cafeteria.
As soon as I was in the building, I sniffed out Kuroyuki and took my place beside him in the line.  When we were sitting at the table I couldn’t help but recall my dream. I wondered how much of it was just a dream, and how much of it was real?
“Hey, Kuroyuki-sama?”
“What do you need Zachary?”
“I was wondering… do you know anything about a girl with silver eyes?  And brown hair?” When I said that I could have sworn he froze up for a second.
“No,” he said, resuming his nonchalant composure.  “Where could you have gotten a dumb idea like that one?  Do YOU know anyone with silver eyes?”
“Exactly, and I know everyone you know, so no.”  I took him for his word but had an overwhelming feeling that he was lying, covering up something.  I didn’t think much more of it.  Kuroyuki had no reason to lie to me.
The rest of the classes that day were boring, intro to school stuff.  Completely useless in my humble opinion.  I do recall though, that young black haired woman fainting in Vex’s class after seeing Pasht get cut in half, as he does usually.  I was standing behind her, so when I caught her I got a bit of a better whiff of her scent. It was exquisite, floral, natural. An odd scent, unique for a human.  She intrigued me, yes, and I did mark her as someone to keep tabs on, but otherwise I felt nothing for her.
That night, before bed, I listened to Kuroyuki recall all of his pranks and exploits of the day.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  I just smiled and nodded, chuckling here and there.  In my own head, I was too busy thinking myself.  Hmm… I never did get a chance to say hello to any of Kuroyuki’s friends did I?  Ah well.  That can wait until tomorrow.
I fell asleep quickly, as if I was waiting for another dream.
yay! Zachary's first chapter. enjoy and plz comment!
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ShamanPrinceShikyo Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Cool! I like that. Can you write about when a person meets Shikyo? Like how they felt about him? Just thought I'd ask.
mikenrikukohaku Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
oh don't worry. Zachary will describe his thoughts when he meets everybody.
ShamanPrinceShikyo Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Cool. Don't forget, he met me when we were trapped in by the rain.
mikenrikukohaku Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
i won't forget! that's still a ways away.
ShamanPrinceShikyo Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I know. Just making sure you remembered.
mikenrikukohaku Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009
hey i will!
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